Royal Wedding bandwagon… William Windsor and Catherine Middleton

Everybody and their mothers are on the Royal Wedding bandwagon lately.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

The event is indeed around the corner and will surely be an affair to remember. In many ways, “the wedding of the year” is going to be the best PR jolt the UK has had in a while and I’m sure the Ministry of Tourism is salivating at the prospect.

Whether you like weddings or not, this one is going to be spectacular; and from the look of it in the media, most will be watching it in some form. If irony is your poison, check Kathy Griffin’s faux-reportage on the Royal nuptials later on that day.

I suspect that Miss Catherine Middleton shall wear a somewhat 1930s silhouette……but with or without sleeves?  That is the question. She’s tall and slender, like Blake Lively, so such silhouettes will suit her well and work with her frame. She can’t wear anything like Diana Spencer, it’d be gauche and the style is démodé beyond belief now. Perhaps Diana’s veil might be coming out…..we shall see.

Breaking with tradition is difficult, especially if the queen has any say in it. She’s a stickler for protocol. But some traditions could be made anew, like ermine! Nothing says “royal” and “official portrait” like ermine, and the Windsors (the Hanover/ Saxe-Coburg-Gotha clan) have a well-documented love for it.

The Queen Mother wore it on her way to the wedding. On a side note, bridal furs are making a come back. Not everybody wants to get hitched bare feet on the beach!

Stay tuned for more royal wedding scoop and my take on Ms. Middleton’s dress next week.

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