Dries Van Noten FW 2012-13 | Runway Fashion Video Recap

Dries Van Noten is a master by all accounts. Love or hate his work, you can’t deny his advanced taste and vision [RUNWAY FASHION VIDEO HERE!]. Dries Van Noten is more couturier than designer; his refined handling and creativity are made as much for people’s wardrobes as they are for museum collections.

You’ve all heard about the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, Indian, China) in the news, these developing luxury markets that are becoming the fashion industry’s lifeline. Whereas many designers like to nod to these specific countries and cultures with their collections, Dries Van Noten went the Chinoiserie route with this one. The look isn’t specific; it equally references China, Japan and Korea throughout various eras.

Direct Link: http://youtu.be/gtwG7I-DnvA

At the end of the day, the collection doesn’t read “East” but simply “Dries.” Within a few silhouettes and looks, one could even find European colonial details among the imperial touches. Overall this collection is an imposing selection of separates that work equally well as a complete look, but will likely work more successfully individually.

The touches [really large swathes] of fur came and went from fur trims to imposing fur design elements. The Van Noten vocabulary is extensive and expansive; it channels so many elements and manages to make everything wholly original.

That is why we simply adore Dries Van Noten.

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