WWCSD: Toughing It Out – Downtown

The great philosophical divide of old, Downtown / Uptown, no longer packs the meaning it once held in New York. The Uptown Park Avenue set has (d)evolved as much as Downtown’s once rebellious Bohemia.  Blame gentrification!  Blame the Internet! Individuality is the password.

The few remaining shards of Downtown’s fading glory or cool have more to do with style than social dichotomy.  A little sartorial daring goes a long way and pushing the envelope of acceptability is as thrilling as it is needed. Hello Chloë Sevigny!

To help you gage your downtown fur look and edge factor, let’s keep Chloé in mind and ask WWCSD (What Would Chloé Sévigny Do)?

Gender-bender styling always raises eyebrows and can be extremely chic. On that note, blouson jackets (biker, pilot, etc.) are a nice twist.

Jackets from both Jean Crisan and Catherine Malandrino have enough spunk to be dressed up or down, but still worn to the office or an art opening.

Hooded looks also have that downtown vibe. Armed with sunglasses and an upset look, you’ll be ready to stroll down the street and intimidate. Hoods are actually really practical; they keep you warm and private.

Helen Yarmak’s zipped orange mink vest and Adrienne Landau’s raccoon chubby are buzz-worthy enough to please Chloë.

Editorial looks are always good for Downtown fans too.  Preen’s multicolored oversize coat will place you apart from your peers and get you noticed.

Playing with conventionality works  too, as with Zac Posen’s dual camel coat with fox.

Which WWCSD looks do you prefer?

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