White-Washed: I Love Hue

On the heels of the snowstorms and cold blast across much of the US, it seemed the land was awash in white everywhere I looked last week.  I must admit I like seasons, I like the feeling of new beginnings and the unique characteristics that define each seaon –winter is no exception.

Snow brings with it a quiet exuberance so I look forward to it when it comes around.  Pristine and crisp, the white envelopes me with a sense of freshness.  The world feels bright and clean.  In clothing, white evokes the same feelings….a cool, easy elegance.  What’s surprising though, is that people don’t wear more white.  Of course it can get dirty, but it is exquisite.  So bring those white furs out to play!

Historically in Western Europe, White meant purity. Just check out museum galleries and start counting the “Annunciation” paintings; Mary is in white more often than not. Coincidently it was also the color of royal funerals for centuries.

White has an attitude….it makes a statement…

and from the look of it, the ‘cool crowd’ is all over it.

Do we vibe a trend?

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