VICTORIA BECKHAM: Things That Make People Go… Hmmmmm!

I know that Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham is a style icon for many, the same way Paris Hilton is, but I really don’t get her at all. She’s lauded right and left for being fashion forward and ever so relevant. But really, what does she do? She seems only famous for being famous for being… well… famous!

To her credit, she’s definitely better dressed than Paris Hilton. At least, she gets dressed, makes sure to dress accordingly when exiting vehicles, and doesn’t get arrested for drugs at airports. She’s a classier, more polished, answer to fashionable celebrities –yet, a pretentious and somewhat boring one.

Recently, she’s been photographed right and left wearing stunning faux furs. Yeah, right!  The stuff is really good and 100% biodegradable. I’m not sure if this comes out of her or her PR machine, because who’d believe it. It’s got to be the PR machine. Seriously, why bother lying?

If Mrs. David Beckham happens to be going the inorganic route, perhaps she should reevaluate her past and current relationships. Fashion-wise, there’s Marc Jacob who’s been showing some pretty funky fur looks for his namesake label as well as for Louis Vuitton. Oh, and let’s not forget the collection with fur pieces she was working on with him by the way!

Also, what’s the point at publicly reprimanding Elizabeth Hurley for wearing the same thing she does? It’s one of those  things that make you say… hmmmmmmm!

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          • Kristen says:

            Americans just don’t like her because she’s NOT American…that’s how xenophobic they are. She is always well dressed, has a very successful fashion career, was in one of the most successful girl bands, has a very happy, loving marriage and a very hands on Mom to four gorgeous children…AND…she’s rich and married to one of the most gorgeous guys in the world. So many jealous haters love to bash her because they have mediocre lives devoid of love and probably fat pigs to boot!

          • The Fur Insider says:

            Kristen….we do not mean to bash. In fact, as we’ve indicated, we agree that she is beautiful and well dressed. We just don’t understand why she continues to deny that those beautiful designer furs she wears are real…especially when anyone can check with those labels to verify that they are real. And, to take it even one step further, why would she stick to her “faux” claims when she herself had indicated interest in including real fur in her own label? She is strong and well-respected, so why the hypocrisy? Who is she afraid of?

          • Drowning says:


            I don’t get it at all? She is not doing much except……hummmmmmm How many kids does she have? Oh wait how many nanny’s and maids do they have???? Have you met her husband that has to be a full time job keeping track of a HOT, OCD, Reckless Driving, Baller like him.
            Other then that she is a better looking, married, mother version of you guessed it Paris Hilton.

            Sorry Posh!

          • Barbara Watson says:

            Girls, Girls, Girls!! Why are you all soooooo concerned about every move this bitch makes. Let’s face it, she is married to a gorgeous guy (what the heck that she see in her?) and has 4 lovely children that she pawns off on her nannies. Is there any “substance” there? She was in the Spice Girls a million years ago. That is OVER. Now she is a rich, anorectic, over-rated, conceded, surgically enhanced, neurotic, self-absorbed bitch that is NOT a good role-model for any young girl out there. She even thinks that she can fool the public into thinking that her plastic chest is real. Come on people, let’s not be like “sheep” and buy into this garbage. Victoria needs to live like the rest of us, and, most importantly…..she needs to gain some weight before she cracks under the weight of her jacket and expensive purse. David Beckham should have had a crystal ball to see into the future. This chick started out at a healthy weight only to shrivel up and look like the life got sucked out of her. She is a terrible example to young girls. This building up of celebrities (by the press) has got to stop. They are just like us, after all. THANK YOU.

          • The Fur Insider says:

            Barbara…thanks for reading! And thanks for writing in! Note that she is not one of our “DIVAS We Love”. In fact, currently the only thing I can say on the subject is Pish……Posh!

          • Lauren says:

            I suppose you get all this information since you know her personally? Why do people judge so harsly? where is the niceness in the world today.

          • The Fur Insider says:

            Thank you for your comment! We do not profess to know Ms. Beckham personally, but we do know fashion and we do know that the very pieces she wears and claims as “faux-fur” are, in fact, real fur. Celebrities and pop culture today carry tremendous weight with consumers. Don’t you think celebrities have a responsibility to tell the truth?

          • Amy says:

            I certainly agree with you. It seems that some people have nothing better to do than bash others. I am not a fan of Victoria or her husband for that matter but I don’t see any reason to talk badly about them. Live and let live.

          • The Fur Insider says:

            Thanks for your comment. We absolutely agree with your Live and Let Live philosophy. Freedom of choice is a treasured right in our democracy. But when others try to take those freedoms away as many animal activists try to do when they seek to ban meat products, circuses, zoos or fur clothing we cannot be silent. And when celebrities use their platform to support these efforts, especially when they are not honest in the process, we feel the public deserves to know.

          • P F. Venkataya says:

            The more I see this classy lady, the more I am leaning her way. Growing up we all take time to adjust our styles, beliefs, patterns, but I like Posh. Victoria is an adorable lady with four children. I would say whatever she is doing she needs to keep doing it because she looks well all of the time. Not a true fur lover, but on Victoria it looks great.

          • Chrissie says:

            Why doesn’t she ever smile? I rarely see a picture where she is smiling, and I find it very unattractive. She just looks miserable. LIghten up!

          • The Fur Insider says:

            Hmmmm….perhaps looking good takes her full concentration? (smile!)

          • Monique says:

            I dunno. She is a celebrty so celebrity comes with being scrutinized. Notice how real actors- Depp, Streep, Pacino try to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. I mean, Katy Perry was just complaining about fame. Hello, does she expect us to believe she didn’t know gossip, fans, and press went along with fame? Boo hoo. I’m surprised Russell lasted as long as he did with her. That said, at least Posh does what she wants and doesn’t act the VICTIM like Perry and others do. David Beckham could of did worse.

          • Toni says:

            I being American love most Brit’s. At least William has great taste
            in women. My grand daughter is named Britton. That being said,
            I took the time to watch her reality show just so I could have a better
            idea of what she was like. I was very surprised with her. For a lady who
            never smiles in public she was a total joy. Funny, witty, smart and kind.
            I like what PF Venkataya posted. Completely agree with her,
            therefore I need too stop gushing and get on with work.

          • The Fur Insider says:

            Thanks for the comment!

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