Venus & Serena Williams | DIVAS WE LOVE Series

Love them or hate them you MUST respect them for their talent and unrelenting drive.  The “them” I am referring to is the powerful, often outspoken, sometimes fashion-challenged Williams sisters. Without question, two of the most agressive and intimidating ladies to ever play the game, the Williams girls have challenged protocol in the world of tennis for over a decade.

Serena and Venus Williams have taken the world of professional tennis in their hands and molded into one they dominate year after year. With all the press these two ladies get –both on and off the court– tennis just isn’t as memorable without them.

From their introduction onto the professional tennis circuit back in the mid 90’s, to their ongoing domination and teeter-totter victories, these ladies have proven over and over to be two of the greatest to ever play the game. Serena Williams is the owner of 37 Singles Titles and 20 Doubles Titles. Comparably, her older sister Venus Williams has managed to amass 43 Singles Titles and 19 Doubles Titles —domination at its best!

Off the court, both Venus and her little sister Serena have stretched their star appeal in a variety of directions, including fashion, interior design, acting, and writing; not to mention their participation as worldwide spokespersons for various causes.

In August 2009, the pair even became part-owners of the Miami Dolphins, making them the first African-American females to obtain ownership in an NFL franchise.

Now just 31 and 30 (at the end of this month) respectively, Venus and Serena have lived many storied lives. From humble beginnings to world-wide adoration, they have often credited strong family values and unwavering support for their drive and success. Perhaps this strong belief in family explains why even to this day, and with all their great wealth, they still choose to be roommates.

In 2008, Serena took an active role in building the Serena Williams Secondary School in Matooni, Kenya. She continues to help youth in her involvement at schools and community centers, focusing most on programs that address at-risk youth. In 2003, the Avon Foundation honored her work in breast cancer with their Celebrity Role Model Award. Similarly, Venus Williams supports children and health related charities.

Bold, brash, blunt and fashion minded to boot, Venus and Serena Williams are Divas We Love!

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    • Guest says:

      What a wonderful career you have had Venus and Serena. You are both an inspiration for women and young girls around the globe. Thank you for the wonderful tennis and fashion memories which you have provided!

    • Mansaray Henry says:

      I admire these two African-American young ladies for their talents and athletism. But I believe their Dad, Richard Williams, is to be credited for his foresight and mentoring techniques which his two daughters value up to now and their attachment to family values has ensured their on-going success.

    • The Fur Insider says:

      We couldn’t agree more!

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