VENI, VIDI, VICI: Fashion Week Milan, FW 2011-12, Part 1

Milan’s Fashion Week blazed through like a conquering army, opening the sartorial gates for all to inspect. Italians are not wallflowers by nature and, with quirky treatments, great colors and that ‘something’, these collections showed us just how much so.

The Milanese pulled out all the tricks this season. The looks will appeal to many …but, perhaps, confuse a few …because we’re talking F A S H I O N Italian style!

Combo Italiano” is one of the huge trends on the Milanese catwalk. Combining materials and colors for unexpected results. Firstly, combining fur colors to create completely new looks within a fur types. From tortoise coloring to crisp black and white to a soupçon of military camouflage, the looks were lovely.

What about Furs and Feathers! The looks went from polite to WOW! Are we witnessing the birth of archangels? …the hatching of surrealist nymphs? These treatments are truly an ode to the skilled hands behind them.

Some of these concoctions are as marvelous as they are curious; because, frankly, they force us to reevaluate what is beautiful?

The shake up didn’t end there. A modernist twist also permeated, bringing to the forefront “cubist” cuts and unusual linear treatment.

These looks have enough swaggers to influence, but the question remains: Shall people follow?

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