Trends Breakdown: New York Fall-Winter 2011-2012

What to do sartorially when next season comes? Well, besides knowing yourself and knowing what works for you, there are the fashion trends that retailers will surely follow and which, in turn, will  lead their customers.

To make this trend forecasting more global and on point,  Evans McDaniel  gives us the head’s up. Evans McDaniel is internationally regarded for their retail forecasting and trends analysis and they will give you the insight you need to swim into the new fashion wave with ease and security. As they say, knowledge is power!

To keep it fun and light, let’s break it down into seven key trends… one for each way of the week.

Monday: Over The Rainbow

Colors are everywhere in fashion now, also bringing a cosmetic dash to furs.  Designers, furriers and their dyers are coming up with many wonderful creations. Remember that colorful furs range greatly from rinses to full colors and subtle treatments such as ombré.  From jewel tones to pastels, colored furs add fun and drama to any wardrobe.

Tuesday: The Cape

For the past few season capes, capelets and clever variations are colonizing chic shoulders, especially for the Junior set. If you’re a little apprehensive, check out shrugs and boleros to ease you into the style.

Wednesday: Casual Fur

Everyone will agree, nowadays fashion is more casual in general. But casual doesn’t have to mean sloppy! When it comes to furs, it’s really more a take on classic pieces such as anoraks, blousons, biker jackets, etc. Stuff you can wear day and night and throughout a longer seasonal cycle.

Thursday: Fur Extremities

Fur trims have been a wardrobe “must” historically. Things have changed recently, as trims have taken over as full-design details. Think elongated cuff, sleeves, backs, hoods, etc.

Friday: Modernist Fur

Designers are rediscovering the late 1960s and 1970s, and with it comes experimentations and new takes on silhouetttes such as smock dresses and long vests. Not to be left in the fashion dust, such shapes are turning up in furs. This more avant-garde trend is a favorite of editors and fashion forward characters, but give it an extra season and they’ll quickly become more commonplace.

Saturday: Mix it

It’s Saturday, let your hair down, and you do as you please. One of my favorite trends is fur mixing. When it’s well done, it’s amazing! Think textures and colors as a new palette. I’d admit that it takes a keen eye to weed out the undesirables, but out of the gems are true fashion treasures.

Sunday: One for the Boys

Let’s give the last day for the boys in your life. Men, too, like to feel glam and fur is a great way to awaken the peacocks. You’ll see much more fur geared for the male customer, from the classic fur collars to eponymous shearlings. Of course, more extroverted creations shall hit the marketplace; but again, give it another collections cycle or two before they become commonplace.

Watch here for future breakdowns of the trends from London, Paris and Milan!

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