The Russian Dolls are coming…

The New York press is ablaze in anticipation of Lifetime’s Russian Dolls, that Brighton Beach spin on the Jersey Shore with Russian-Americans. Move over the lasagna and GTL (Gym-Tan-Laundry), this one will be all about caviar, vodka and furs!

Judging from the few tidbits released in the press, all three might be on the menu… as will be the same type of shameless self-promotion and bad behavior we have become accustomed to from the Jersey Shore cast.

As Diana Vreeland once said, “Pink is the navy blue of India,” and viewed with the same understanding of the impact of cultural context, we can assume that for many this depiction of Russian-Americans will be no closer to the truth than the Jersey Shore‘s characterization of Italian-Americans.

I hope that these Brighton residents took a few pointers from film to style their on-screen fashion personae. I nominate Sharon Stone in Casino as the über-babe that looked like a fashion spread 24/7.

She did more for chinchilla, white fox and hair extensions than any other actress in years; and we love her for it! Plus, that late 70’s/early 80’s decadent glam style is so jet-set/Wall Street and ever-so current (Tom Ford can’t get enough of it, nor can Versace).

When it comes to fashion on screen, let’s give it to the pros. That touch of fur more often than not brings class and glamour; and with this cast, Faites vos jeux; Les jeux sont faits; Rien ne va plus …

“Russian Dolls” premieres August 11 at 10:30/9:30c on Lifetime.

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