The Olsen Twins | DIVAS WE LOVE Series

When you think of billionaire status you would be hard pressed to conjure up the image of  25 year old, sometimes fashionably challenged, ex-TV child stars.

Whether you liked their remake of the classic family movie The Parent Trap, fell in love with their quirky somewhat gremlin-like looks, or subscribe to the whole resurgence of the hippie Boho-chic fashion movement; one can never dispute how savvy, hard-working and ahead of their time the hugely successful Olsen twins are.

Slowly building an empire estimated to be a billion plus—yes you heard me correctly— the fraternal twin duo got their start as mere babes sharing a role on one of America’s most wholesome sitcoms, Full House.

Fairing immensely better than their full grown costars, when the series ended in the mid 90’s the pre-teen sensations had already carefully nurtured their brand reach to include several feature films and direct-to-video movies under their appropriately named production company Dualstar Entertainment Group.  Lucrative book, and fragrance deals, along with a slew of branded toys and games single-handedly (x 2) allowed the pair to corner the market on their target demographic.

For years both Mary-Kate and Ashley have been a front row staple at all of the important high-fashion runway preview shows around the globe and a muse for various designers. When they grew weary of playing the adorable mischievous super sleuthing twins, the pair drew upon their innate love and flair for fashion and launched super successful clothing lines called The Row, Elizabeth & James and their ultra-affordable Olsenboye line.

Featured in a recent Newsweek article, the twins have been a target of unrelenting and unmerciful media fodder stemming from their tumultuous dating lives, tongue-in-cheek fashion choices and Mary Kate’s well documented struggle with anorexia. Debilitating criticism for most, these pint-size powerhouses turned it inward and channeled the negativity to drive their success ultimately allowing them the last and most certainly loudest laugh.

They may seem small or frail, and perhaps we still think of them as the adorably cute, innocent and impish twins we witnessed on Full House, but they’re all grown up….and their success proves that BIG things definitely do come in small packages and THAT makes them Divas we Love.

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