Winter Weddings | The Lush Life | Part 1

The coverage of the latest high profile Kardashian-Humphries wedding got me to thinking about celebrities’ tastes in weddings. They seem to range from the over-the-top glam pomp-and-circumstance route to that low-key, barefoot “we want privacy and intimacy” beach wedding style. To each his/her own, of course, but for the latter, nothing makes intimate moments more cherished than having an army of paparazzi chronicling that special day!

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For those non-celebrity folk who are looking to shake-up conventions, perhaps even make a destination vacation out of the nuptials, why not try a stylish winter wedding? It’s nothing new, but it’s definitely less conventional and way more interesting. Plus, the party planners would probably love the opportunity to flex their creative muscles to come up with new ideas and venues… perhaps even  an ice palace could be found! And with the option of fur, elegant cashmeres and the other rich, winter textiles the bride can have much more fun creating an elegant, luxe look that will grace the pages of her wedding book for generations to see!

With the colder weather come many more fashion options. It’s not simply about the dress anymore; it’s about the whole package… the romance of dressing and undressing to divulge the wedding outfit at the right moment. Remember that it’s okay to not want to look like a meringue on your wedding day!

A few fur details can hype-up the glamour factor as much as it can make the bride even more memorable. There are accessories and trimmings to consider for that winter touch. Don’t hesitate to use family furs for the special day…you know…that something borrowed or something old.  There are always shrugs, boleros and tippets to adorn the blushing bride… a few family jewelry pieces to complete any look.

Also, don’t think that only white is the way to go, a few well-placed spots of color can go a long way. So don’t discount the idea of a winter wedding. It can be even more lush and elegant than its warmer counterpart. And you’ll certainly have a greater appreciation for that warm sunny beach you’re heading to for your honeymoon!


Winter Weddings continue! Read Part 2 on destination weddings, here.

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