The King of Furs is The Fur of Kings

Sable is the most cherished fur in the world (and one of the priciest!).

Every so often, I’ll see a lady wearing a majestic sable coat about town. Or, a more common sight are custom sable coat-collars (a “society” staple) and the indulgent sable  scarf. Sable is so luxurious that  anything made with it reflects the utmost in elegance and craftsmanship.

It is indeed the king of furs and historically the fur of kings too… or more correctly Tsars!

Just check the crowns of the Romannovs; sable is everywhere


For the history buffs – In Western Europe, ermine was traditionally reserved for royal coronations and official portraits, whereas sable was for wear as well as for show.

If you are dreaming of your very own sable, here are a few must haves. And remember – dreams do come true…

Helen Yarmak and Ralph Rucci are making sable coats and jackets in a variety of styles. A few are even sporty or reversible. How modern is that for sable?


If coats and jackets aren’t your thing, you could venture into accessories; ear muffs, scarves, muffs, mitten or detachable collars could do the trick and not break the bank.

Shawls and knitted pieces are also making a splash. Knitted furs are so light and practical, they’re great for all – even stylish men are welcome to get into the mix!

The purse with fur tail ornaments is a strong trend this season, so why not go full-throttle?

If you’re looking for that little extra statement, check out Giuliana Teso’s sable tail purse.


Does it get any better than this? What sable item are you dreaming about?

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