Starting Your Luxury Wardrobe: What are the Essentials? | Part 1

All the talk in the news about fashion and sustainability got me thinking about people’s personal wardrobes. Where does one’s wardrobe stand on the sustainability scale? ‘Green’ is the new black, so what gives?



Back in December 2008, I attended a symposium that looked at that particular issue. Haute Couture, as it turns out, is more sustainable than any other fashion because its inherent luxuriousness (may it be materials, techniques and treatments) creates a less wasteful end product and purpose.



You may agree or disagree, but keep in mind that the more luxurious something is, the longer you’ll keep it, because it is better made and costly. Let’s look at essentials to start up a woman’s luxury wardrobe.



Luxury means amazing quality and balanced aesthetics, so look first for key garments and then to accessories to tie-up the looks. Chic basics are the name of the game! And they will never disappoint. 10 key items should suffice.



Factor in mind what looks good on you and fits your lifestyle as a nucleus to build on, then, select a great white shirt/blouse, superbly cut slacks, and a sharp suit (really for the jacket). Once you have these, work toward the outerwear and accessories to personalize the look and  turn them into “You”.



With accessories it’s really about the footwear, so get those perfect pumps to start. Then, think about a belt or two, and follow with other footwear types. Jewelry-wise, get a few things that you’ll stick with (may they be a gold watch, a pearl sautoir, diamond earrings, cuffs, cocktails rings, etc.) and make sure not to ignore scarves.



On the outerwear-front, spend wisely on a great belted trench coat. It is “the” investment piece. Once done, start thinking of a sharp coat that can easily be enhanced with an oversize fur collar.





(To be continued…)

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      • Ursula says:

        I love this piece and can’t wait for Part 2. I’m a firm believer that I would rather buy one good classic expensive piece of clothing that will last me a long time than 3-4 that cost the same combined and will not have the same result! Start with the basics of course, like a white shirt which you can wear with anything and accesorize accordingly!

      • Alla says:

        Articles like this are an example of quick, hlefupl answers.

      • Jazzbenzo says:

        Yes I like this a lot!!!!

      • The Fur Insider says:

        Thanks! Keep on checking in….and please share us with your friends!

      • Geraldine Looker says:

        I am a big believer in mix and match. Mix classic pieces with cosmetic jewelry. An easy to wear inexpensive dress with designer heels or sumptuous handbag or vice versa. A classic jacket and tailored trousers are essentials in a wardrobe, teamed with a crisp white shirt. Oh now I want to shop!

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