Starting Your Luxury Wardrobe: From Essentials to Personal Style | Part 2: The Fur Touch

When it comes to personal style the world is your oyster. It is really about YOU and what makes you happy, what makes you feel good in your own skin, what helps elevate your uniqueness.

With the plethora of styling shows on TV and articles in magazines instructing folks on the do’s and don’ts of fashion, it is often more confusing than ever before for fashionistas trying to achieve the “perfect” look. Tackling “the” makeover shouldn’t feel like a military campaign – it is part sociology and part anthropology, yet practical. An individual’s style must always be defined first and then enhanced to match his or her lifestyle.

We’ve already come up with tried-and-true items to start from: a great white shirt/blouse, superbly cut slacks, a sharp suit (really for the jacket). Once you have these, a great belted trench coat, a sharp coat (that can easily be doctored with an oversize fur collar), and good leather accessories (may they be leather boots, flats, heels, elegant belts and a few well-chosen purses).

Once these are set and have gelled with your style and lifestyle over time [remember to never rush the process], the next question is how to elevate your style to a new tried-and-true luxury level… The first rule to consider: absolutely no impulse purchases and nothing overtly trendy – think long term or you’ll regret it!

Arm yourself with good classic accessories such as a great watch [even a man’s watch], a pearl sautoir [real or fake… think Coco Chanel], diamond earrings, cuffs, cocktails rings, etc., that touch of mink, or any other furs for that matter. Accessorizing well is an easy step up.

Today, fur scarves are doing wonders to any looks; along with well-thought-out fur vests. These two key items are ruling the fashion world. From magazine editorial to the street, it is all about these two. Also, there is always the oversize fur collar perched on that great coat; this one is an icon and will never go out of style.

Next! Other fur items to complete the luxury look. Think trims and a full fur or two…

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