Spot ‘n Glam: A Leopard Pattern for Every Fashion Mood

Leopard print may be one of the most socially complex motifs/patterns in the fashion world.  Society ladies wear it, trashy punks wear it, good girls wear it, even some guys too… you?

One of the most fascinating elements concerning leopard patterns is their globaland timeless appeal. Every designer under the sun has included it once, many return to it endlessly, but make sure to revamp it along the way.

Fashion darling and designer extraordinaire, Albert Elbaz, just showed a few looks for his pre-2011 Lanvin collection featuring several leopard prints! Can’t wait for the full collection next month.

I suspect that the pattern’s resilience may be, in part, due to its adaptability. The truth is leopard print rarely looks like genuine leopard. Panthers from Africa, Asia and South-America look nothing alike, and once you add cheetah, ocelot, and other spotted felines to the mix, you’ve got yourself an alphabet of designs to print poetry with.

Designers are stenciling the patterns onto a variety of furs –anything from mink to goat to rabbit– as well as reinterpreting it in completely new designs that nature didn’t think of.

Colors are switched and hyped, patterns are revamped and twisted, the pattern extends beyond its initial realm.

Put on your tortoise-shell sunglasses, grab your leopard print and let your inner animal come out!

And, let your inner diva do the rest…

Let it roar!

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