Royal Wedding: The Fashion Ups and Oops!

It’s not that I’m not a romantic….but I’m not too keen on weddings and wedding gowns in general.  That said, affair the “Wedding of the Year” was indeed an affair to remember. It’s nice to see how beautiful a wedding can be and that goes especially for the wedding gown, which was absolutely lovely.

Does this mark a turning point in the Windsor’s ‘Sartorial Hall of Horror’of yesteryears? I hope so, because only the Windsor men dress well in my book. If you don’t agree with me, try to remember the last time Prince Charles dressed badly. He may not be innovative in his choices, but he is always impeccable.

What I like about  British royal weddings is that  the women do not follow the custom of  dressing alike.  Only children dress alike, which beats the dreadful bridesmaid atrocities we are all too familiar with!   Here, in the US. I feel for those gals… It’s visual torture for the observers and emotional abuse for the wearers.

For this royal affair a  few extremely well put together members of the wedding party and guests dressed the part and kept the ever-so- British taste for millinery alive and chic.

I know that no one should try to upstage the bride, and with this wedding no one wore white, or the camera-whoring Fire engine RED! It was all about Catherine Middleton… and her sister Phillippa as it turned out.

But, there were some dubious examples still. The likes of Victoria “don’t call me Posh anymore” Beckham (ready for four weddings and a funeral), Tara Palmer Tomkinson (lady’s got the blue and blue and blue), Samantha Cameron (PTA meeting!) and the York princesses (Love you Lady Gaga) all made statements… but not the right ones!

Perhaps a few of these ladies needed a touch of sartorial class to offset their fashion faux pas, or lack of taste. Fur shrugs and boleros could have done the trick. They are a camera-ready short cut. Plus, the young are rediscovering that a little glam goes a long way.

And then there were the hats!  On the hat front, the sky is the limit, but with some of those gals it’s a turn on the (too) wild side. Mardi Gras might be over, but the spirit survives for them.

As for these two, bless their little hearts. On the up-shot, they can only do better next time!

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