Take it Personal: Re-purposing Your Vintage Furs

Paper and online fashion magazines may tell readers what’s hot and a must for the upcoming season, but they rarely take cost into consideration. While their call-outs may indeed be drop-dead gorgeous articles of mad desire, not everyone is born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth.  It’s 2011 and we have all evolved to a higher fashion plane, so feel free to kick their fancy advice to the curb.

For those of you who have Upper East Side or even Soho tastes, but Hackensack budgets…don’t despair.  You can look and feel as sexy and gorgeous as Blake Lively or Leighton Meester too.  When it comes to style, you must develop one; one that fits your personality and lifestyle. So when branching into the fur coat realm, don’t be impulsive, be thrifty in your approach. Start with something super old and perhaps not in the best shape to test-drive the look, cut, fit, and volume before investing in that dream fur.

If a family hand-me-down comes your way, such as a mink coat or a long hair chubby jacket, then consider going the fashion magazine route. Remember that a simple remodeling can give that heirloom-with-a-shelf-life a new spin on life.

The latest Paris collections have unusual looks that can easily bring a new verve or two or three to an old “gently worn” fur.  Think body parts and hit your closets for outerwear to luxuriate that zone.

The vest is the big global trend, so consider removing the coat sleeves, including the collar if you see fit, and voilà!

If you’re looking into shortening a coat, the leftover can also be recycled to trim other coats.

Sleeves are becoming a fashionable spot now, so consider doctoring a few coats with some fur.

And from what was shown in Paris, the sky is the limit.

Your local fur retailer has access to the skilled craftsmen, materials and experience that can turn your grandmother’s old mink coat, or a vintage shop find, into a new, hot look that will have all your friends gossiping.  Don’t be afraid to give them a call or, better yet, stop by with photos or tear sheets of what you have in mind.  It’s much easier and less expensive than you would guess.

Have fun!



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