Paris Fashion Week | Spring-Summer 2012 | Part 2

Marking an end to an exuberant transatlantic medley of styles and messages, the recent spring-summer 2012 fashion collection cycle opened and closed like a beautiful and exotic flower. Paris is often seen as the bi-annual apotheosis of each calendar, the litmus-test setting-in trends globally… and more often than not, an arena for directional fashions.

Novelties, or rather “how to seduce the press”, are always on the menu. The “unexpected” is always welcome when it comes to fashion. In a world of sensory overload, beauty and innovation seduce the seasoned journalist just as well as the masses.

And special some looks were indeed! Leading the way are the Japanese designers, who made their homes in Paris and started changing the way we view fashion starting back in the 1970s.

If last season, the “femme fleur” (flower woman) dominated the catwalks, this season girls are literally dolled-up, at least that’s what a few designers had in mind when they created their collections. Are the references about actual dolls, Russian dolls? The prints are very graphic and the colors as vivid.

If you’re looking for something sugar-sweet, look no further than Monsieur Marc Jacobs. Amazingly, he actually made women look like sugar-sweet ladies. Is this collection his calling card for the Christian Dior gig?

The rumor during Paris Fashion Week was that the Dior show featured looks made from sketches provided by some of the designers approached for the Dior job. Perhaps this was done to gauge the reaction? If true, it isn’t a bad idea. As they say, “the more the merrier.”

And of course, the more the merrier introduces our beloved Kanye West, who got panned by the press across the board. The clothes were actually okay, but the grimace resulted much more on his slash-and-burn arrival. But, in Kanye West manner, he still shouted back and pouted afterwards. The good news is that he’ll learn from this mishap and will make his upcoming fall-winter collection, if not a hit, at least a major improvement. He even introduced fur for summer, so fall shall be, as expected, interesting!

C’est tout pour Paris!

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