Norman Ambrose | Fall 2011-Winter 2012 Collection | Recap VIDEO

For a video montage of Norman Ambrose’s fall 2011 fur fashion collection go here

Back in February, we made the statement, “Once in a blue moon you happen to fall upon a star. Norman Ambrose might be such a happening. Not that I’m psychic, but I am well versed in great fashion and this newcomer has enough skills to souse the most jittered and jaded on-looker.”

There is something timely with his retro-70’s chic –that John Le Carré heroine-type decked out to the hilt. This fall expect to see them roaming about the fashionable avenues. I suspect that retro-70’s chic will have a longer-than-expected influence, so be prepared for more ‘chubby’ jackets, fur collars and fur-trimmed cuffs to be commonplace for some time.

His beaded gowns, referencing Norman Norrell’s mermaids might recall extravagant evenings at Régine’s night club or Maxime’s. Today, they might make more sense in extravagant Moscow or Shanghai than in New York or Beverly Hills, but they do carry a distinct glam punch guaranteed to make the right statement at any swanky event.

In contrast, the fur applications are self-governing. He allows each fur type to communicate their natural beauty while spending special attention to the tailoring and finishes to elevate each individual attire.

This collection isn’t a high-school experiment; don’t expect unfinished hems, torn finishes, or ill-fitted sleeves. The Ambrose look is highly polished, well researched and first and foremost luxurious.

For a video montage of Norman Ambrose’s fall 2011 fur fashion collection go here.

For images of all the designer fur fashion collections for fall 2011 visit Fur-Style.com.

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