Milan Fashion Week | Spring-Summer 2012 | Part 1

The sunny Italian collections shined with exuberance this past week delivering a plethora of colorful creations for every taste and personality. Spring-summer is about sunlight, which explains why so many of the 2012 looks were drenched in vivid hues. May they be full-palettes or color hybrids (ombré, tie-dye, color-blocked), it was clearly all about color… and in this case, a very happy tropical palette.

Regardless of how you refer to them ­–baby colors or soft colors– pastels are still present this time around. Then again, have they ever left? Will they ever? The Italians, though, seemed to treat them slightly differently from what was displayed in New York and London by mixing them up.

Prints were by far where the high spirit of the collections was threaded with strength and conviction. The variety was as impressive as it was creative; everything from retro-wallpaper floral to Etruscan Revival (think early 19th century neoclassicism with a good dose of Italian panache) to toile de Joüy, and beyond, joyfully graced the models’ lithe frames.

The twist with Milan this season is bare skin. We shall see if Paris follows suit; but in Milan skin exposure, especially midriffs, is the sartorial erogenous zone du jour. Artfully designed dresses and gowns in oversized scarf-prints brought a flirtatious glamour to the catwalk by covering enough to leave some room for the imagination. Of course, and as expected, a few tribal and animal print references were also added to the mix.

To be continued…

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