Milan Fall 2012-Winter 2013 | Trends Report

Leave it to the Italians to show the world how glitz is done! With them, it’s really just a part of life and enjoying la dolce vita.

Following this cardinal rule, the Milan Fall 2012 – Winter 2013 collection cycle brought out the usual touches of luxury, classic trends like military, and  time-honored silhouettes including peplums and  capes, to redefine the way one should dress today.

As expected there were loads of masculine details this cycle, especially when it came to channeling military cuts, but the overall Italian interest really zoned-in on “the coat” more than any other garment type.

As a rule, the coat is an incredibly good investment, so it wasn’t surprising that coats were everywhere and came in so many variances –from 1910 car coats to statement coats to experimental hybrids, the choice is yours.

Colors were also a key design factor in Milan. If you like purple or midnight blue for example, you’ll be thrilled; this global color trend  is far- reaching and not shy, and will likely be around for a few more seasons. It’s nice to see color being used and reinterpreted to great effect.

Seriously, there was so much fur shown during this fashion line-up that it was hard for us to delineate clearly specific trends as they rolled down the runways show after show, day after day. From outerwear to daywear to accessories, fur itself was the big trend in Milan. And we are loving it!

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