Michael Kors: American Idol

It’s been a great year for Michael Kors. His label just turned 30. His last collection received rave revues. He is what we call, “in great fashion form”!

His side job as judge on Project Runway may have introduced him to a new fan-base, but let’s not forget, it’s his sportswear talents that got him there in the first place.

Michael Kors is first and foremost a sportswear designer, famous for his clean, fun, American looks that work as well at home in the US as they do around the globe. His clothes have made him an established brand and are making him a recognizable American sportswear icon the world over.

His fur approach is visceral. He likes the awe that fur brings, its honest luxury and the fun, creative design possibilities. What about neon colors? Bathrobe inspirations? Think super-luxurious-comfy! Totally American, too!

Kors never strays  from his core vision, always turning out wearable, if not rather classic creations. The simplicity of the cuts allow for a greater display of the material’s beauty. The casual styling allows the wearer more leeway.

The age-old rule of daywear vs. eveningwear no longer applies; to him, the Michael Kors client knows what feels appropriate regardless. Dressing down or up is really about personal choice… and that’s the American way!

Season after season he has continued to define the easy, casual elegance and sport-luxe sensibility  that have made him the King of American fashion. Happy 30th anniversary Michael …when it comes to fashion you are truly an American Idol!

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