Julien Macdonald | Fall 2011/Winter 2012 Collection | Recap VIDEO

To view a video montage of fur images from the Julien Macdonald fall 2011 collection go here.

Julien Macdonald is famed for his deft hand at knitwear… if not a savoir-faire for deconstructed knits. He has made a name for himself with it and continues to experiment with that particular medium.

His fall-winter 2011 collection is a dark walk into fashion, a modern trek through historical references. He obviously channeled that ever-so-popular English taste for the “Gothic,” that romantic gloom favored in the early 19th century… which always finds a way to creep into current trends, the same way “Punk” always seems to be present in some form or another.

His collection could as easily dress-up that edgy fashionista running through London hot spots, as any member of the Malfoy clan! The looks are overwhelmingly elongated and show strong angle while maintaining a sleek gothic streak.

Though as dark as the collection started, touches of color appeared gradually to enliven the procession of looks. Coincidentally, the creations became more flowy to end-up with ethereal creations. Is he paying homage to the late Alexander McQueen?

On the fur front, Mr. Macdonald chose to go wild… raw… and Celtic! He is half Welsh/half Scot after all. He is favoring the chubby (that boxy short coat/long jacket favored in the 1930-40s and revived in the 1970-80s), and bold scarves. But let’s not forget that fashion is as much about comfort as it is trends, and towards this end he played with new sewing techniques that married volume with lightness.

To view a video montage of fur images from the Julien Macdonald fall 2011 collection go here.

For all the fur images from the fall 2011 collections go to Fur-Style.com.

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