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You know you have reached legendary status when you have enough staying power for an international brand to crown you as their choice icon for a second year in a row.  Never bestowed upon another, the multifaceted Janet Jackson, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty, has officially been named the spokesperson for Blackglama’s coveted “What Becomes a Legend Most?” advertising campaign for the second consecutive year.

See Blackglama’s 2011 behind-the-scenes video of their 2011 photo shoot with Janet Jackson, here. And Blackglama’s 2010 photo shoot, here.

Janet’s quiet “divaesque” nature has baffled people for decades.  She is so commanding, forceful and brash during performances, but quiet and shy during one-on-one interviews. This dichotomous personality exists in one of the most beautifully arresting and outwardly mesmerizing packages ever to hit the pop charts.

To top it all off, Janet has the extraordinary business acumen and instinct that has enabled her to stay relevant and compete decade after decade in the music business—perhaps a quality gleaned from her dearly departed brother Michael.

At FurInsider what makes a legend most is the impact that they have on others’ lives when the cameras are off. No question, she is an entertainer who has irrefutably influenced both the world of music and dance, but perhaps dearest to her heart is her quiet work with charities like the “Small Change Campaign” launched by Ellen DeGeneres and Ben Affleck in support of Feeding America, as well as her efforts on behalf of Red Cross and AIDS Charities. A soft spoken humanitarian at heart, she has provided global assistance to organizations which focus on children, hunger, conservation and animals. Beauty, brains and compassion, the triple threat that few true celebrities can claim to achieve.

Through thick and thin, pun intended, controversial or not, Janet is the quintessential definition of a living legend and her quiet grace, beauty, style and elegance makes her a Diva We Love to love!

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