Holiday Ready Homes: Nesting for the Holidays

Whether you call it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or simply the Holidays, the sentiment is all the same – it’s a time for festivities, family, friends, food and fun.

With thoughts of sugarplums dancing in your head, you’ve made a list and checked it twice.  Overcrowded sidewalks and bustling stores are a distant memory –  it’s time to nestle in and focus on making your home Holiday ready for the gatherings ahead.

There are two very distinct trains of thought when you talk about readying your home for the Holidays; “less is more”, or “go big or go home”! Inside and out you want your home to reflect the season and your family’s style sensibilities (or lack thereof in some cases). The statement can be a loud “HEY YOU GUYS THE HOLIDAYS HAVE BEGUN” or a more subtle and sophisticated nod to good tidings and warm welcoming wishes.

Smells, Sounds & Warm Textures
With the exception of mulling cider brewing in the kitchen, gingerbread baking and Holiday tunes playing, nothing adds instant warmth to your domicile like a luxurious fur throw. A little known secret, this swath of fabriccan do double duty as a pashmina or wrap for a night out on the town. Casually draped over the arm of a reading chair, or displayed across the back of a sofa, the fur throw is a quintessential touch for a Holiday home and a perfect gift idea for a family on your gift list. Another luxurious idea to warm your feet while padding around your pad, is an animal skin rug to bring in the element of rustic warmth from top to bottom.Presto; your warm and fuzzy floor will now provide extra seating for your guests when your party is overflowing.

Create A Colorful Glow
Twinkling lights and tinsel all add the perfect backdrop for an infusion of color for the Holidays. This is the perfect opportunity to stretch the boundaries and go a little wild with color or print accents instantly adding distinct personality and flare. Rich purple tones, jeweled peacock hues, burnished blood orange tints and bright fuchsias are all up for grabs this season. Play around with these colors by implementing them in the form of fur throw pillows, or even napkins and decorative table place settings, effervescent glowing candles and whimsical wall decorations.

With so many choices waiting to be explored, don’t be afraid to deck your halls and usher in good vibes for the coming New Year. Who knows, you may love it so much that you keep it going all year long. Whatever you choose, make it personal and full of lasting memories. To you and yours, we wish you a luxurious and warm Holiday Season.

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