Glam: Old Hollywood Style

In the age of designer denim and t-shirts, many yearn for the glamour of yesteryear, when dressing-up seemed a national pastime. Well, that’s what Hollywood sold to the masses and the result was indeed beautiful, glitzy and, of course, glamorous!

Last week, Eva Longoria celebrated her birthday in style and opted for old-Hollywood glam with a 1920s themed birthday bash! She looked great and so did her guests. Is retro “it”?

Maybe, she’s onto something, The Great Gatsby is getting a reboot and a new film version is coming; and we’ll see more 1920s inspirations both on and off the runways and fashion magazines soon. It shall happen! Think back to the mid-1970s, everything went flapper; Hollywood went Flapper-Prohibition crazy.

Hollywood bred privilege and allowed actors to do what regular folks wouldn’t dare do normally, dressed for the camera 24/7.  In retrospect, Hollywood always influences. It’s all about the actors and their get-ups. Just check out the celebrity magazines near the check-out line. Let’s face it, we’re human…beauty matters. Beautiful people are made for watching. Beautiful people with beautiful clothing are made for dreams.

Take the plunge –  channel some looks and see how current they can be.

Today’s actresses are raiding the old styles for red carpet walks. From stoles to shrugs, all is new again.

And remember the lessons of old Hollywood…..always be camera ready.

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