Foxy Ladies: Making Your Own Statement in Fox Fashion

If mink is the king of furs for consumers, fox is its close runner-up. Those two furs are the fur titans of the fashion world.

How to decide if fox is more “You” than mink? Why not have both, then call it a day? But choosing a fur has as much to do with personal style as it does with lifestyle. What gives then?

I’m personally more partial to longer-haired furs in general, as I am with the color black over brown for shoes. They are dense and bold and scream “luxury”. It’s my taste, end of story. There is no right or wrong, it is simply about what makes you happy.

Fox, as plush and rich as it is, conveys luxury instantly. Plus, with the wide variety of natural coloring and mutations available, it’s hard not to find a tint that doesn’t speak to you. Add to that the rinse and full dye processes that open the doors of choice even wider and the options are almost limitless.

For the shy ones considering a first fox fur purchase, I highly recommend fox collars as well as scarves. Nothing dresses up a coat or frames a face like fox.

If you have a fun sense of humor and like to play up conventions, there is the full-fox scarf. A glamour favorite of the screen sirens of the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s, it’s becoming much more common with the younger set.

Recently, I’ve observed younger women dabbling in fox fur on a large scale… the ‘Chubby’ jacket being the ‘holy grail’. This look, big in the 1980’s and prominent on the apres ski scene of top resorts including Aspen and Gstaad makes a strong statement without trying too much. It feels natural, or as natural as fashion trends feel.

Today, as designers seek to bring an ultra-luxe image to their collections they are using fox in innovative ways on accessories, as trims and for full garments. New techniques including tiling, feathering and the integration of fox strips with other fabrics have expanded the creative options available. Watch for more on fox as we cover its increasing usage in designer collections.

On a side note, the name “Chubby” sounds so anti-fashion – what other names are retailers going to be using soon? If you have any suggestions, go for it!

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      • Marcia Kruszewski says:

        I would replace the word ‘Chubby’ with the word “Lush” or Luxuriously Lush”or “Glamously Lush” or “Posh Lush” You could choose any adjective to go with lush. I recently tried on my new Snowtop Fox stole and the first word that came to mind was “Lush”‘ and I think the coats and jackets that are called Chubby are definately Lush.


      • The Fur Insider says:

        Thanks Marcia. Lush is definitely a good word to describe both the comfortable, cocoon-like feel and the richness of the fur. Congrats on your new Snowtop fox stole!

      • Shirley Lloyd says:

        What a fabulous article. Many thanks.

      • The Fur Insider says:

        You are very welcome. Keep on reading and sharing!

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