Felipe Oliveira Baptista | Fall 2011/Winter 2012 Collection | Recap VIDEO

‘Austerity measures’ may be flung around in the press haphazardly, but when it comes to fashion, how would these two words and their derivatives compute? Look no further than Felipe Oliveira Baptista‘s fall-winter 2011-2012 collection for answers.

AUSTERE is an understatement with such a dark palette and apparent lack of decorative treatments. MEASURED describes the outerwear cuts and proportions to perfection.

Of course, Mr. Baptista (or is it Mr. Oliveira Baptista?) is a product of his background – Portuguese by birth, actually native of the Azores islands in the mid-Atlantic ocean, with a design education via London.

Like Spain, Portugal’s sartorial historical past has a thing for dark monochromatic palettes and severe tailoring. At first glance, the collection looks one note; everything appears to be narrowed and elongated without much else to offer. Yet, as soon as one pays attention to a neck, lapel, shoulder or sleeve, an entirely new world opens up.

The outerwear is sensational. It boasts the best dexterity of skills within the collection. Well-placed closures, angled cuts to veil the body while enhancing the silhouette, the use of great woolens, leather and fur details are elevating this seemingly quiet selection to the “big time” level. His fur use, though semi-confusing when it comes to full sleeves, lifts up and upgrades the collection altogether.

To view a video montage of Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s fall 2011 collection go here.

For images of fur fashions from all the designer collections visit Fur-Style.com.

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