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Fur vests, whether all fur, trimmed, lined or vests accented with fur, are the hands-down trend of this upcoming season. A few years ago it was the oversized fox trapper hat, now it’s the fur vest. If you don’t believe me, just go for a stroll through your favorite boutique, local mall or department store or flip through any fashion magazine.

Saying that womenswear is versatile would be an understatement. Since the 19th century, it has openly lifted menswear details and references, initially with horse-riding gear, then with outerwear and styling, until the 1960s when pant suits came to redefine what women could wear.

Recently the “boyfriend” craze reintroduced menswear pieces for women to enjoy. The boyfriend sweater and boyfriend jacket quickly became “must-haves”. After all, it is no secret that women can look great in menswear-type clothes. Now, the fur vest seems to be continuing that idea.

After looking at a fur vests currently available in stores, I couldn’t stop thinking that more than a few could easily be retrofitted for menswear use, and to great effect I may add! The silhouette is as menswear as it gets… okay, if you look back a few centuries.

Today, it isn’t uncommon to see men heading to and from work wearing down vests under or over their suit jackets when the weather gets cold, but not cold enough for a full coat.

Is this current womenswear trend tomorrow’s menswear star? Fur vests (fur trimmed/lined/accented vests) are more menswear when you really think about their uses and proportions. Will the trend grow even larger? We shall see next February during the fall/winter 2013 collections.

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