Fashion’s Night Out | Thursday, September 8, 2011

New York Fashion Week is in full swing as the Spring-Summer 2012 collections are strumming along. But, of course, Fashion Week now begins with Fashion’s Night Out, or FNO as the press likes to call it. I guess it sounds more “edgy”, “more in the know” like GTL?

Last Thursday night’s FNO felt much more like a 4th of July eve than a supposed charity fundraiser. Yes, FNO is supposed to be a fundraiser of sorts that no one seems to know about or care for. From New York’s Meat Packing district to Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive, it’s all about fashion hopping from boutiques to pop-up shops, cocktails in hand and having fun.

Though this time in New York, it was a little surreal due to the upcoming September 11, as museums and art galleries opened their shows about the 9/11 anniversary. The evening still was all about celebrating the positive and keeping up that American spirit.

On that note, did you know that West Hollywood is currently a fashion battleground? Some folks on the city council want it to become the first city in the U.S. to completely ban fur apparel within its city limits, to the dismay of retailers and taxpayers alike. Can we say “anti-American” much? And this after years of working to attract big name designer boutiques in an effort to establish the city as a fashion destination! Wake up guys, fur is a major trend in fashion right now and is included in most major designer collections, in everything from jackets and vests, to shoes, bags, hats and trims.

Though, from what we’ve heard about FNO there, quite a few boutiques including Alberta Ferretti, Arcade, Buckley and even the venerable, always-in-the-news Kitson were chock full of fur. Phillip Lim defiantly had chic fur looks throughout his boutique and made his point of view known in the open. It’s refreshing to know that fashion favorites like Phillip Lim do more than create great collections and make women beautiful season after season. He understands that if this “fashion bullying act” passes, what will be next? Wool? Leather? Feathers?

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