Emporio Armani | Fall 2011-Winter 2012 Collection | Recap VIDEO

For a review of the Emporio Armani fur fashion collection for fall 2011, go here.

Emporio Armani is Giorgio Armani’s alter ego. It’s not really Armani light or Armani from concentrate; it has its own identity. And of course, like anything in Armani parlance, it is always wearable.

This season isn’t a huge departure from the usual Armani idioms. As expected the look is somewhat pre-WWII in its research, sleek in its execution, and always polite.

The difference this time might be the slight martial touch and the fact that this collection is predominantly black, aside from a few colorful pops and accessories. This walk on the dark side might stylistically reference the film noir aesthetics so dear to Seniore Armani, but the execution is, by far, more Japanese.

Think of the work of Matsuda in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the way Yohji Yamamoto reinterprets classic French haute couture of yesteryear in a totally new manner; this collection works a variety of past looks into a fully comprehensive collection that can complement anyone’s preexisting wardrobe.

The overall accent is Italianate with a somewhat modernist approach (we’re talking 1930s-1940s), but one distilled and referenced with a 1980s re-interpretive twist. You may even recognize a touch of the Memphis Group movement.

The touches of fur and color soften up the looks and will assure this collection’s commercial success.

For a fun review of the Emporio Armani fur fashion collection for fall 2011, go here.

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