Dsquared² | Fall 2011/Winter 2012 Collection | Recap VIDEO

This latest collection from the Caten twins is as exciting and crazy as it is… super wearable!!! Seriously, this over the top Old Western affair is actually one of the strongest collections these two have done in a while. Dan and Dean are showing-off their True Grit with that customary Dsquared² je ne sais quoi!

Of course there are all these Canadian references, their “Canuck-O-pia” (as I like to call it) that is at once referential to their birthplace and perverse sense of humor. Remember when they packaged men’s briefs in what looked like beer cans? Or, the time when they unleashed an army of oversized fox trapper hats with lumberjack plaid-shirts? This time they incorporated ice-skate blades to their fashion-forward footwear that literally can cutout the competition.

Fashion is a Darwinian project of sorts – one might as well be prepared to outdo others. That great leather skirt, simple white blouse, flattering cropped jacket, key accessories and outerwear can do more for self-esteem than any session at the shrink; as can well-placed over-sized fur collars. Heck, they beat shoulder-pads for that cinched silhouette and look A M A Z I N G!

The fall 2011 collection has something for everyone. Once you get passed the gallon-hats, the selection is well edited and provides a complete array of statement pieces fit for any wardrobe. The styling may look over the top, but from the cuts and fits to the textiles and skins choices, and the textures and hues selected, the collection is a strong winner. Now, the price tags are the question.

To view a video montage of the Dsquared² fur fashion collection for fall 2011 go here.

For all of the fur fashion images from the fall 2011 runways visit Fur-Style.com.

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  • Jeanmarie E. Kricher says:

    The Caten twins–the most exciting collection I have seen in a long time!
    I though fashion has been boring for a long time, until THIS!

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