Color Trends | Pantone for Spring…and Today!

We love color! It reflects mood, personal style, and adds drama. It gives the wearer a lift and allows her or him to make a clear personal statement.

With each international fashion week cycle comes the Pantone color report. Don’t read this report as the oracle of Delphi or the ancient soothsayer’s all-be-all, it is actually a countdown on the most popular colors used by designers the world over for that fashion cycle.


The Pantone color report promises a very colorful Spring 2012. But a review of the top color trends shows that many of these same hues are in stores now!

The Pantone color report promises a very colorful Spring 2012. But a review of the top color trends shows that many of these same hues are in stores now!


These colors should be the ones you’ll see next spring in most stores. But by the looks of it, some of these color directions are already here this fall-winter, perhaps more muted or deeper in hue reflecting the seasonality. Is it simply an organic seasonal evolution? I’d say yes.

Here are the 10 colors to look forward to next spring-summer 2012, but currently in stores in various natural and dyed shades for fall 2011-winter 2012…


Tangerine Tango 
(PANTONE 17-1463)



Solar Power 
(PANTONE 13-0759)


 (PANTONE 18-3628)


(PANTONE 18-2140)


Sodalite Blue
 (PANTONE 19-3953)


(PANTONE 14-0116)


Sweet Lilac 
(PANTONE 14-2808)


Cockatoo (PANTONE 14-5420)


(PANTONE 18-1210)


Starfish (PANTONE 16-1120)

Fortunately, it looks to be a very colorful season!

More Color Trends to come…

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    • Silvia says:

      I donot understand why you still promot fur……..this will mislead people to wear fur……..I am not sure if you guys know how the fur is from……….so bloody!! they peer the skin when the animals are still alive……

      Please stop!! we donot need fur !!! Only animals need them !!

    • The Fur Insider says:

      We discuss fur because it is one of the hottest fashion trends as evidenced by editorial coverage, designer use and consumer purchase. And, to answer your question, we DO know how fur is produced. You, however, apparently do not and choose to blindly follow the rhetoric and staged or edited videos of animal rights extremists. We suggest on your note about skinning you don’t take our word for it, but use your own common sense and ask yourself (1) why would anyone risk getting bitten, scratched or diseased in order to skin a live animal and (2) expecting that a live animal would be thrashing around wouldn’t the fur be ripped and cut, thereby making it unusable for fashioning into a fur garment?

      We respect your right to choose not to eat meat, wear leather or buy fur. We only hope that you begin to base your decisions on truth and education, not on the rhetoric of the huge animal rights industry that depends on naive soldiers like you to fund their huge bidgets and pay their fat salaries.

    • Elise Overland | Fall 2011-Winter 2012 Collection | Recap VIDEO | FurInsider says:

      […] and glossy textiles transform and camouflage any ethnographic references. Her combinations of multicolored furs and feathers are so fun and exciting you can’t help but ask yourself “what was she […]

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