Chest and Arm Workout: Fashion Week Paris

FW 2011-12, Part 3

In case you’ve missed the latest fashion news from Paris, they are having a serious fling with fur this season! You might even say the city of lights has become the city of fur!

Fur might be fashion’s under-rated hero, but that’s all about to change. Everything and anything is trimmed in fur nowadays and one of the global trends, which is flexing its muscles, is ‘zoned’ furs. You may wonder, “What’s up with that”? Well, the trend seems to singly target a particular area, for example the chest area [think: VEST/doublet], the arms [think: SLEEVES/gantlets] and even the ankle [think boot cuffs/spats].

Some of the looks are so chic that they shall surely make it into the mainstream. The little fur cuff is now becoming the focus. While a rather simple design element when used 100 years ago, the cuff of today is so bold and defining it is as though it is now on steroids and proud of it.

Of course, some versions may seem a little farfetched, but someone needs to dress Chloê Sévigny! They may be just a touch too much for me, but they do have an identifiable look.

The vest-takes are simply sensational. The looks are so practical and easy to wear. They prove that chic can be equally urban and sleek as well as wild and a little barbarian.

And if you haven’t a clue what to do with grandma’s old fur the vest is the perfect solution to rework an old coat –get rid of the sleeves et voilà!

Paris showed us there are plenty of fur options for creating your own very individual style statement. What statement will you be making?

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  • John Minks says:

    I agree with you “some of the looks are so chic that they shall surely make it into the mainstream.” My favorite look it the white coat with the fur bold fur cuffs. It is so innovative and chic.

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