Carolina Herrera | Fall/Winter 2011-12 Recap VIDEO

View the video montage of Carolina Herrera’s Fall 2011 fur fashion collection.

For fashion connoisseurs, society regulars or aesthete consumers, Carolina Herrera is not just a label it’s an inspiration. Her collections are technically Ready-to-Wear but really should be referred to as Ready-to-Wear Deluxe, or more accordingly Haute Couture Light!

Collection after collection, she comes out with elegant pieces that make anyone and everyone appreciate the magic that can be done with mere textiles. Her fashion is not what some might call “innovative” in the sense of  solar reflective high-tech gimmicks or 5 sleeved-shirts,  it is simply elegant, awe-inspiring fashion made for the discerning client.

Just like her, the pieces are both elegantly put together, patrician in feel, and ever so classy. This upcoming fall season prepare yourself for a slightly sleeker silhouette and a punch of luxe that’ll make your eyes water.

Drawing on her traditional penchant for “society étiquette”, she’s injected a somewhat sporty bent that is at once welcome for its fresh reinterpretations, but also au courant with its choice of colors and trims.

Madame Herrera likes a touch of fur to accent her cleverly designed cuts for coats, jackets and occasional suits and gowns. And she chooses  fur colors and  types that complement each look to perfection. It’s nice to see fashion that is created with a client in mind. And no matter how beautiful and precious each piece may be, they are still clothing to be worn.

View the video montage of Carolina Herrera’s Fall 2011 fur fashion collection. And to view images from all the 2011 designer collections visit Fur-Style.com.

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