BoyTown: Paris | Spring/Summer Collections for 2012 (Part 1)

It’s been a busy few weeks on the fashion scene so please excuse us as we traverse back and forth between reviews of the menswear shows and Haute Couture. We want to make sure you don’t miss a thing!!

With all the talk in the news these past few weeks about Woody Allen’s Paris film and that certain Frenchman stuck in New York, the Parisian collections may seem to be temporarily eclipsed in print. Don’t fret though, as usual, Paris showed what most retailers and editors consider to be the semi-yearly motherload of men’s fashion.

From the look of it, Paris appeared to be all about technical details, impeccable tailoring and monochromatic looks, combined with an apparent sartorial ease… that “Parisian flair” to outsiders.

Spring and summer wouldn’t be themselves without monochrome palettes and neutral tones. These hues/tonalities are usually easier to manage within any preexisting wardrobes and also bring a sense of order. Blue, like in Milan, is always present. Men all around the globe love that color family more than any other, perhaps beside black for suits.

With summer dressing, blue harmonizes well with whites and beiges. From golden sand to designer beige to muddy khaki, neutrals are tried and true staples.

Neutrals might seem low-key but need not be boring once military references and safari details kick in. There’s always something about that retro-colonial feel that comes up polite and elegant.

From city smooth to the urban jungle, the word on the street is sport luxe. Active wear looks are getting the dressy revamp the same way more formal items are tweaked to work for the office as well as for weekend fun.

One of the greatest innovations this collection season is the tailored pajama. Yes, something as simple and utilitarian as PJs is raising the bar for tailored clothes and infuses a much-needed ‘smooth’ boost for daywear.

Our review of Haute Couture continues tomorrow with more coverage of the Paris menswear collections to come……..

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