Betty Jackson | Fall 2011-Winter 2012 Collection | Recap VIDEO

Betty Jackson may not be a household name here in the States, but this London-based Brit has quite a following in her corner of the world with her trademark involved and unexpected cuts.

To view a video montage of fur fashions from Betty Jackson’s fall 2011 collection go here.

With this collection, she channeled and credited Patti Smith’s memoir of her life with Robert Mapplethorpe; Just Kids guides the many looks in this case via a personal walk through a detached life. Some red pieces in particular might well help reinterpret a new Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale heroine, or a city-sleeker Little Red Riding Hood, should there be plans for any additional remakes.

Personally, I don’t see any direct punk references or that swarthy East Village quality in the clothes or the show’s styling; the collection is much too polite for that. It appears instead that Ms. Jackson embraced the philosophical “purity” of the Smith-Mapplethorpe legend, delivering a simpler and more independent message.

Boxier garments made with stiffer and heavier materials still managed to accentuate the body’s natural shape and even helped create a cozy quality; think basic cuts made exotic through textile choices, from brushed wool (is it alpaca? A new Scottish textile?) to spongy looking knits.

As odd as some pieces may appear at first, there is something that works. Success may come from their strength as individual pieces rather than as complete looks, but the overall effect is an interesting and meritorious collection.

To view a video montage of fur fashions from Betty Jackson’s fall 2011 collection go here.

For fur fashion images from all the fall 2011 designer collections visit Fur-Style.com.

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