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Anna Wintour is surely one of the most polarizing personalities in the fashion world today. And, from the look of it, she likes it that way. Heck, she’s nursed it for over 20 years. You don’t get nicknames like Darth Vader in a frock” for nothing! But the very toughness that has earned her that reputation has also allowed Ms. Wintour to firmly establish New York as a fashion capital and give voice to many American designers. She has also forayed into fashion education, in establishing the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. The new generation must come from somewhere.

Yes my friend, Ms. Anna Wintour, our favorite Editrix, is in many ways a sphinx that many must deal with in order to enter the fashion realm. She has made and broken fashion names times over, and consumed enough egos to nourish her small frame. But in the end, she has championed a great number that are, today, household names.  She has earned every bit of the respect she receives.

Anna Wintour is not an enigma. She’s just the way she appears –the ultimate arbiter of fashion who can be credited with bringing serious fashion cred to the U.S.!

This bobbed editor is aloof, controlled and direct. She is as famous for her love of bobs and sunglasses as her love of furs. And she doesn’t care much what others think of it, or her, for that matter. She is here to promote fashion and increase sales and doesn’t have much time for outside interferences.

For that she is a Diva we love. How many people get assaulted by a Peta tofu-pie on her way to a Chanel show, clean up, sit front row and watch the show as planned? This fur fan’s dealt with harsh criticism and media ridicule, but never once bowed.

Anna Wintour is a DIVA we love…and deservedly so.

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