Adrienne Landau | Fall 2011-Winter 2012 Collection | Recap VIDEO

New York Fashion Week is sometimes a smoke and mirrors game. There are designers supported in print by the big magazines to such an extent that it is almost shocking that their names and creations are basically unheard of when visiting department stores shelves. But then there are others like Adrienne Landau who is unfairly under-represented in the media but is a tremendously popular fashion label on the retail scene.

This quirky individual hits every Fashion Week with a bang, but always on her own terms, and often at her own showroom. The Adrienne Landau look is everything and anything… everybody’s choice. She doesn’t take a single note to develop her fur line; she comes up with full ranges of fur products instead, ­allowing for mixing and matching, complementing and supplementing, hence her superstar ranking with retailers.

May it be a hat, scarf or jacket, the Landau vocabulary is as expansive as it is creative… and on most occasions unusually affordable. She uses every technique available from stencil print to knits in every fur type ranging from rabbit and lamb to fox and chinchilla to keep her eponymous line fresh and young.

There isn’t a confined aesthetic with this label. It is all about variety. Still, for this fall-winter cycle, she channeled a literal walk on the wild side with a myriad of animal prints paired with various fur lengths and colors. Also, the presentation echoed a frosty and foggy landscape where models, including ice-skater Johnny Weir, appeared and disappeared gradually as they presented the more editorial looks.

Adrienne Landau’s collection offers a fantastic range of stand-alone fashion pieces with a sexy, young, hip vibe that is a sure thing at retail.

For a video montage of the Adrienne Landau fall 2011 collection go here.

For images from all the fall 2011 designer collections visit Fur-Style.com.

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