63rd Annual Emmy Awards Fashion Recap & Wrecks

Suited and booted and ready for the spotlight was the theme for the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards held this past Sunday. Well maybe not for everyone…. With an eye on fashion, the FurInsider settled in on Sunday night for a “look-see” at what Hollywood would bring on the fashion front. Overall, the Emmy guys and gals received a B- from us for their efforts. The red carpet was muy caliente with the ladies dressed like dazzling fireballs of fury.

Other than red, the resounding theme had to be a return to art deco, old Hollywood glamour.  Heavy beading, bold color, and dramatic draping took us back to a time when Hollywood had true celebrities and they would dress to impress.

The men were no exception. Debonair and suave, we were especially proud of the guys who made us want to snuggle down in our smoking jackets and ascots toppped off with a pair of our best slippers.

Even the BIG stars of the small screen showed good face last night and brought the glamour.

We wish we could leave our critique on a positive note but, How can you crown the best without also saluting the worst? Ahhh, we love these dichotomies! Ok, so here is what you have all been waiting for… no one is immune or safe, both guys and gals were equal offenders.

Paula Abdul, gets special dishonorable mention because it looks like she probably got the return to Glam memo and thought it meant a return to the “Gone With the Wind” era. Frankly my dear, we don’t give a damn about this outfit!

But alas, though it was warm we cant help thinking how a dash of fur might have upped the glam quotient.  Because, after all, nothing frames a face like fur!

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